Sermon Series: Christmas Kindness

As we approach the celebration Advent this year, when you look around our world these days, there’s a shortage.  We’ve heard all about the variety of shortages that we’re already experiencing and ones to possibly anticipate in the future.  (Can you believe there may be another toilet paper shortage?) Until all the issues causing the shortages- supply chain, etc.- get worked out it will be wise to prepare. But, there’s one shortage that’s actually been with us for a good while now that I don’t hear much talk about at all and that’s the shortage of KINDNESS! Our theme for Advent 2021 is, CHRISTMAS KINDNESS.  We as God’s people should be leading the way in our world when it comes to kindness.  Make plans to join us each Sunday during Advent as we consider ways to demonstrate Christ’s kindness to a kindness-starved world.

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