A Letter from SHBC Pastor Hess Hester

For years I struggled with how to adequately address the deep need for emotional healing on the part of so many people in the congregations I served. It always appeared as though every family in the church was touched in some way by some kind of emotional trauma. Everyone, it seemed, had a family member, co-worker, friend, or acquaintance who struggled with some kind of debilitating hurt, habit, or hang-up from the past. As a “good” pastor I tried to occasionally address these issues in sermons but each time I did it seemed as though I was merely applying band-aids. If you relate to my dilemma, I want to recommend Celebrate Recovery, one of the most dynamic life-changing ministries with which I have ever been associated.

For 17 years now, we have been extremely blessed, at Southern Hills Baptist, to be part of a network of churches providing Celebrate Recovery to the community and our church family.

And, believe me, when I say it has been “life-changing” I don’t say that casually! It has not only been life changing, it has been “church-changing!”

As our congregation has heard one testimony after the other of the power of Jesus Christ to change people at their deepest, most gut-wrenching points of need, it has truly helped us to be not only more of a place of grace, but also a place of greater dependency on God. If anyone had any doubts before, our congregation now knows the power of Jesus Christ to change lives first hand!

In Him,
Hess Hester
Pastor of Southern Hills Baptist Church, Tulsa OK